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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Commission System of Block2code Android app making platform

Commission System of Block2code Android app making platform

     Now you can spend low amount and earn too much money if you work with Block2code android app making platform. You can easily make applications and monetize your app. Then publish on app stores and make money.
      In this topic we are discussed How to purchase monthly membership plan of Block2code. There are three type of  plans available in Block2code Free, VIP and Ultimate. 
Tech SMT
Monthly Membership Plan

 Free membership plan :

     If you want to work with Free membership plan you have not to pay. You have to give 35% commission form your monthly earning and Bad ads may be show in your application. You would not able to make Earning application, bad content or other related application in this membership plan. There are some of components you can not use also.

 VIP membership plan :

    If you want to work with VIP  membership plan you have to pay 9.99 euros monthly (In Indian price near about 800 rupees). You have not give any commission to Block2code. In this membership plan you can make all type of application and you also make Extensions for your application. You can make Unlimited applications in one membership plan. If you make applications in this membership, only yours ads will be show on your application. If you want to purchase scroll down the screen and get full information How to purchase monthly membership plan.


 Ultimate membership plan :

     Ultimate membership plan is the best membership plan of Block2code. In this membership you have to pay 12.50 euros monthly(In Indian price near about 1000 rupees). You have not give any commission to Block2cod. You can also make unlimited applications in this membership plan and you also able to make own extensions for your application easily. If you make applications in this membership, only yours ads will be show on your application. There are more three new features available in this membership plan. 
    You will be able to remove Block2code brand and make own brand. Example- Created by Tech SMT. Backup system available for your project, if any case delete and remove project by mistake. You also get premium Ticket Support for quick team support if farther face any problem in Block2code. If you want to purchase scroll down the screen and get full information How to purchase monthly membership plan.

Benefits of Purchase membership plan:

    If you want to make application free with Block2code. You have not to pay any price but you have to give 35% commission form your monthly earning. 

           If you are earning 100$ in an one month, you have to give 35% means 35$ to block2code. In Indian price of 35$ is 2350 rupees.
          If you purchase VIP membership plan you have to pay only 9.99 euros. In Indian price of 9.99 Euros is 800 rupees.
          Just think about this calculation if we are minus form 35$ commission to 9.99 Euros = we have got 1550 rupees in Indian price.Our saved 1550 rupees in an one month. So Why should we not take monthly membership plan.

How to Purchase Monthly membership Plan:

  Simply go to the the Block2code website and click on Membership. You can pay to block2code by Paypal, Cripto and Card. Choose one membership whatever want to purchase and click on 'Buy'. Next a page will be open on your screen. You need to fill about your payment details and click 'Buy now'.
   If you want to buy with card, your card should be supported International transaction. How to know which is international card. Here is a photo how to know international debit or credit card.
Tech SMT
International Debit card
   You can not able to payment to Block2code with Indian card. Because Block2code is a out of country platform. If any doubt please comment on comment box. Application development all problem solution  topic available in blog. So subscribe us.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Admob ads request approval in Kodular.

Admob ads request approval in Kodular

    There are some developer facing the issue in Kodular how to request approval for showing ads in own application when they are building. This approval system is available in only Kodular platform, where is we can make a professional design application without coding knowledge. Basically in this topic we are learn about How to request approval for admob ads showing. It is very easy trick just follow me.

Open the Ads panel in Kodular

     Go to https://account.kodular.io/home/ website and login with your gmail. After logged in click on "Creator" next "Ads Panel". Your all projects are showing after clicking ads panel.

Admob Approval in Kodular
Click on "Request Approval" in right side of Application
  Then click on "Request Approval" in application's right side, which is want to request for approval. Next a popup page will be opened.
   In first question select "No", if you will click "YES" you can not able to continue. So select the NO and in the next question you will choose the category of your application. Tips : It is a first reason of 'Cancel Request'. If you select any one category, you wouldn't able to get Ads approval because Admob and Play store are not allow Earning apps, Violent apps and NSFW apps.  
So, skip this option and click on "Next".

Select "NO" and skip all category  and click on "Next" to continue

Then fill the description of the application. Such as :
  •      Describe about your application? In which topic ?
  •      Why you want to show ads in your application?
  •      Why Application is not published in Play Store ?  
         If you don't know how to fill the Description, then you can COPY our text. Text is mention in below of the Page.  After fill the description click on "Next". Finally Click on "Submit" for Ads request approval. You can read the conditions before click the Submit button. You will get approval between 10-12 hours after apply for request.

Admob ad request approval in kodular
After fill all details read the conditions and finally click on Submit.

If you have not idea how to fill the description of your application, you can simply copy/follow our text. But modify topic of your application in the provided text.

Text is Here :-


      This application contains Love quotes and Romantic quotes in Odia, Hindi, English language.  There are so many different quotes available. The firebase component used in this application for online quotes showing in user's mobile. It is a entertainment application which is work in
online mode.


   Basically i want to show ads in my application for i want to know my ads are work properly or not.


   I am building my application right now. After the application is complete, I will publish it in the Google Play Store.

 Thank you for visit our page. I hope your problem will be shutout after read our content. Please subscribe us for more details.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

2020 Calendar Application AIA File
Now you can make 2020 calendar application by using our AIA File. In this topic we provided a Calendar Application AIA file. It has offline and online facilities. Users can use only Calendas in offline mode and Holidays, local calendar, other options are available in Online mode.

   I made it in Casagbic platform with professional look. It is a free android platform form making application online. It is my first application built in Casagbic android platform. There are no any issue rise when develop it. Now my application is live in app store. You can also use it free 05 commission. The Casagbic android platform link is here:- https://earn4fun.in/free_platform
   You can import this project aia file in other platform. How to modify it and what can you do ? You should follow my tips which is given below.  If any doubt please comment.

SMT tech
Offline Mode
SMT Tech
Online Mode

 Features of 2020 Calendar :- 

  • Online and offline facilities available
  • Current date will be show on top title bar
  • Holidays available
  • Download calendar facilities
  • Share option
  • Other options

 Component Use:-

  • Image Component
  • Notifier
  • Network
  • Webviewer
  • Clock
  • Activity stater
  • Sharing

 How to Modify it:-

   Import the aia file in your favorite platform (Kodular, Thunkable, Block2code, Casagbic) after download the aia file.
  • First of all delete the keystore and import a new keystore. If you have not keystore, a defult keystore will be get after export the application.
  • Change the images, photos and icon form the project. Use another copyright free image.
  • For change the calendar image, you can get image of calendar online. If you are not able to download image, just screenshot the calendar image monthe by month.
  • After screenshot the images, edit it in a photo editor application. If you upload the screenshot without edit image would not be show properly.
  • Chane the Ad code.
  • Go to Block part and Change the URL of image and PDF file.
  • If you want  modify it. You can do.

How to download AIA File:-

  Click on below  DOWNLOAD  button. A page will be open. Scroll the page and verify the captcha. Click on continue, a another new page will be open, just wait 15 second and click Get link for download the AIA file free.


Application development all problem solution video available in our blog, so Subscribe Us. You can get AIA File, Wishing Script, New update and etc. here.

Happy New Year 2020 Wishing Script

Happy New Year 2020 Wishing Script
            First of all we are wishing you and your family to Happy New Year 2020. In this topic we are shared a new year 2020 wishing script. All images and background set properly with colcourful.If you don't kown how to edit script, then download the the script and use it in your blog.If you know how to custmize or edit wishing script then open it with notepad++ after download script.
Smt Tech
New Year Wishing Script 2020

Feature of Script :-
  • Responsive page format for mobile and pc.
  • Colourful background and image
  • Tow banner and one responsive ads
  • Adsense alternative use

Change and Edit in Script :-
  •  If you want to edit the Script, open it in Notepad++. For changing image, Upload  a new image on blogger and copy image location and put it in the script.
  • If you have Adsense approved account, create ad codes and put it in suitable location. If you don't have, you can use alternative platform.
  • I used Bullet profit ads in my script, If you want to use it register on Bullet profit Ads network.Click Here 
  For download the Happy new year 2020 Wishing script click on download. When you click on download, a page will be open on your screen. Next scroll the page, verify the Captcha and click on continue. Next  one another new page will be open, then wait 15 second and click on Get link for download th script.


Bullet profit website link:- https://bulletprofit.com/?rid=529
  If any doubt please comment. Application development all problem solution tips you can get here. You can also get aia file, viral script, new updates and etc.

Image AIA file

Image AIA File Using Cloudinary

In this topic we are discussed about how to make a Image Application using Cloudinary in Kodular platform. You can get this AIA File by clicking "DOWNLOAD" button below this page.

I made this application Kodular Platform. You can import this project in other platform. First of all download htis aia file and import in your favorite platform. Next Delete the KeyStore form the project. When you will export your application after modify, a new keystore you will get for your google play console account.

  Next change the Images form the project and add new image otherwise google play console will be reject your application for Policy Violation. You can get copyright free image form pixabay.com and other website.

Component Use :-
   In this project i used Image component, Coludinary component, Download component, Notifier. I used 4 image components for showing how to create but you can modify this project.

Kodular Design PArt
Design Part

Block Use:-
  In block part, when screen 1 initialize- Load images picture to Image URL. For loading the image, I create a loading procedure. When images loaded, the loading procedure will be dismissed.
Kodular Block Part
Blog Part

  You will make easily Image application after understand perfectly. Just download the AIA file and make it.


   For Download the AIA File click above "DOWNLOAD".  After click on download, a page will be open on your screen. Then Verify the Captcha and click on "Click here to continue". Next wait 15 second on that page and click on "Get Link" for download the AIA File.

   If any doubt on this project and want to modify please contact us. This tutorial video also available in youtube. Online Tech Support channel.

   You can get All type online application development tips, New update, AIA File, Viral Scripts and etc. in our blog. So subscribe us.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Internet Speed kaise badhaye in Hindi language.

Low Speed Internet ?? अब चिंता मत करिए l

आज मैं बताने वाला हूं ऐसे तीन ट्रिक जिसकी मदद से आप इंटरनेट बहुत स्पीड से चला पाएंगे l
दोस्तों कई बार होता है कि जब हम बहुत समय तक डाटा ऑन करके रख देते हैं उसके बाद इंटरनेट स्लो चलने लग जाता है l
Internet चलाने के लिए एक एड्रेस use होता है जिसको IP Address या Internet Protocol Address बोलते हैं l अगर ज्यादा time तक Mobile Data ऑन रहेगा तो यह IP Address का Server डाउन होने लग जाता है l जिस कारण से इंटरनेट स्लो चलता है या कभी-कभी server डाउन होने के वजह से इंटरनेट स्लो चलने लगता है l
तो अभी चलते हैं वह तीन Trick के बारे में जानने के लिए l

Trick no.1

Friend, आपका मोबाइल में आप देखे होंगे नोटिफिकेशन शॉर्टकट बार में एरोप्लेन मोड का ऑप्शन होता है ।
जब आपका इंटरनेट स्लो चलने लग जाता है उस टाइम सबसे पहले आपको डाटा कनेक्शन को ऑफ करना होगा l
उसके बाद एरोप्लेन मोड को ऑन कर दीजिए दो से 3 मिनट तक l नेक्स्ट एरोप्लेन मोड को ऑफ कर दीजिए l
जब आपका मोबाइल में नेटवर्क आ जाएगा उसके बाद डाटा ऑन कर दीजिए आपका इंटरनेट स्पीड में चलने लगेगा l

Trick no. 2

इसमें आपको सबसे पहले डाटा कनेक्शन ऑफ करना हो l नेक्स्ट मोबाइल पावर बटन को दबाके रखना होगा l उसके बाद एक पॉप ऑफ खुलेगा l आपको रेस्ट अट या रीबूट ऑप्शन के ऊपर क्लिक करना पड़ेगा । उसकेबाद आपका मोबाइल स्विच ऑफ हो कर स्विच ओन हो जायेगा ।  स्विच ऑन होने के बाद आप मोबाइल डेटा ऑन कर दीजिये आपका इंटरनेट speed चलने लगेगा ।

अगर यह 2 ट्रिक काम नहीं करेगा तो आप लास्ट ट्रिक को फॉलो कर सकते हैं l
Trick no. 3

सबसे पहले Setting खुलना होगा, उसकेबाद "More" या "Network Settings" के ऊपर click करना होगा । Next आपको "Mobile Networks" के ऊपर फिर से click करना होगा । जैसेही आप click करेंगे आपके सामने ये पेज open हो जायेगा जो में image दे रखा हु ।

अगर आप single SIM इस्तमाल कर रहे है तो आप का मोबाइल में ये बाल page direct खुल जायेगा । अगर आप Double SIM इस्तमाल कर रहे हओ तो आपको SIM चुनना पड़ेगा ।

अगर आप ये पेज खुलने में असमर्थ है, तो आप Setting खुलने के बाद सबसे ऊपर Search बॉक्स में "Mobile Networks Setting" लिख कर search कर सकते है । जैसेही आप Search करेंगे तो आपके पास बहुत सारे options मिल जायेंगे । आपको "Mobile Networks setting" के ऊपर click करना होगा । Click करने के बाद आपके सामने बो पेज open हो जायेगा । आपको इस पेज कीच सेटटोंग change करना पड़ेगा ।

तो सबसे पहले Server में "www.google.com" लिखना होगा ।
Next, Authentication Type में आपको "पाप" चुनना होगा ।
Next, APN Type में "default, supl" लिखना होगा ।
Next, APN Protocol में "IPv4 / IPv6" को select करना होगा ।
Next, Bearer में आपको "LTE" के ऊपर tick लगा कर ok करना होगा ।
ध्यान रखिये बाकी सेटिंग को छेद छाड़ नहीं करनी है ।

ये सब होने के बाद आपको आपको राईट साइड ऊपर कोने में क्लिक करके ये सेटिंग को Save करना होगा ।
सेटिंग save होने के बाद आपको , आपका मोबाइल को switch ऑफ करके Switch on करना होगा ।

Switch on होने के बाद आप data connection On करके speed internet का मजा ले सकते है ।

How to increae Internet Speed ?

Is Internet Slow Running In Your Mobile?

Do not worry now.
Today I'm going to tell you three tricks with the help of which you can run the internet with much speed.

Friends often, when we keep the data on for a long time, then the Internet slows down.
An address used to run the Internet, which speaks IP address or Internet Protocol address.If the data is on for a long time, then the IP address of the server is down. Because of which the internet runs slow or sometimes the server runs slow due to the server being down.
So let's go now to learn about the three Tricks.

Trick no. 1

Friends will have you seen in your mobile "Airpaine Mode" in Notification Shortcut Bar.
When your Internet Slow starts running then you have to turn off the data connection first. After that turn on the airplane mode to 2 to 3 minutes.
Next Turn off the Aeroplanet mode. After your mobile network will come, then turn on the data, your Internet speed will start running.

Trick no. 2

In this Trick you need to first turn off the data connection. Next mobile power button must be pressed. After that a pop-up menu will open. You have to click above the Restart or Reboot option.
Next your Mobile will be Switched off and Switch on automatically.
 After Switch on, turn on the mobile data connection. Then your internet will be running speed.

If this 2 trick does not work then you can follow the Last Trick.
Trick no. 3

You need have to open the Setting. Next open the "More" or "Network settings", then you have to click on "Mobile Networks". When you click on this option the network settings page will be open on your mobile screen.
 If you are using single SIM, then this page will open directly. If you are using double SIMs, then you have to choose your SIM for open Network settings Page.

If you are unable to open 'Network settings page'. You can search "Mobile Networks Setting" on the top of the Setting.
After you search, you will be see "Mobile network settings". Then you click on that option, your Mobile Networks Setting page will be open.
  In this page you have to click on "Access Pont Name", then click on selected APN. After you click a page will be open. Then you have to change some of settings in this page.
In this server option you have to type "www.google.com".
Next, in Authentication Type you have to select "PAP".
Next, if APN Type is blank, then type "default, supl".
Next you have to select IPv4 / IPv6 in APN Protocol option.
Next you have to tick on "LTE" in Bearer option.

Keep in mind that the rest of the settings do not have to be tampered.
After finishing these are settings you have to SAVE this setting by clicking on right side top corner.
After save you have to Switch off your Mobile and Switch on.
Then you can run speed Internet in your Mobile.