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Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to increae Internet Speed ?

Is Internet Slow Running In Your Mobile?

Do not worry now.
Today I'm going to tell you three tricks with the help of which you can run the internet with much speed.

Friends often, when we keep the data on for a long time, then the Internet slows down.
An address used to run the Internet, which speaks IP address or Internet Protocol address.If the data is on for a long time, then the IP address of the server is down. Because of which the internet runs slow or sometimes the server runs slow due to the server being down.
So let's go now to learn about the three Tricks.

Trick no. 1

Friends will have you seen in your mobile "Airpaine Mode" in Notification Shortcut Bar.
When your Internet Slow starts running then you have to turn off the data connection first. After that turn on the airplane mode to 2 to 3 minutes.
Next Turn off the Aeroplanet mode. After your mobile network will come, then turn on the data, your Internet speed will start running.

Trick no. 2

In this Trick you need to first turn off the data connection. Next mobile power button must be pressed. After that a pop-up menu will open. You have to click above the Restart or Reboot option.
Next your Mobile will be Switched off and Switch on automatically.
 After Switch on, turn on the mobile data connection. Then your internet will be running speed.

If this 2 trick does not work then you can follow the Last Trick.
Trick no. 3

You need have to open the Setting. Next open the "More" or "Network settings", then you have to click on "Mobile Networks". When you click on this option the network settings page will be open on your mobile screen.
 If you are using single SIM, then this page will open directly. If you are using double SIMs, then you have to choose your SIM for open Network settings Page.

If you are unable to open 'Network settings page'. You can search "Mobile Networks Setting" on the top of the Setting.
After you search, you will be see "Mobile network settings". Then you click on that option, your Mobile Networks Setting page will be open.
  In this page you have to click on "Access Pont Name", then click on selected APN. After you click a page will be open. Then you have to change some of settings in this page.
In this server option you have to type "".
Next, in Authentication Type you have to select "PAP".
Next, if APN Type is blank, then type "default, supl".
Next you have to select IPv4 / IPv6 in APN Protocol option.
Next you have to tick on "LTE" in Bearer option.

Keep in mind that the rest of the settings do not have to be tampered.
After finishing these are settings you have to SAVE this setting by clicking on right side top corner.
After save you have to Switch off your Mobile and Switch on.
Then you can run speed Internet in your Mobile.

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