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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Image AIA file

Image AIA File Using Cloudinary

In this topic we are discussed about how to make a Image Application using Cloudinary in Kodular platform. You can get this AIA File by clicking "DOWNLOAD" button below this page.

I made this application Kodular Platform. You can import this project in other platform. First of all download htis aia file and import in your favorite platform. Next Delete the KeyStore form the project. When you will export your application after modify, a new keystore you will get for your google play console account.

  Next change the Images form the project and add new image otherwise google play console will be reject your application for Policy Violation. You can get copyright free image form and other website.

Component Use :-
   In this project i used Image component, Coludinary component, Download component, Notifier. I used 4 image components for showing how to create but you can modify this project.

Kodular Design PArt
Design Part

Block Use:-
  In block part, when screen 1 initialize- Load images picture to Image URL. For loading the image, I create a loading procedure. When images loaded, the loading procedure will be dismissed.
Kodular Block Part
Blog Part

  You will make easily Image application after understand perfectly. Just download the AIA file and make it.


   For Download the AIA File click above "DOWNLOAD".  After click on download, a page will be open on your screen. Then Verify the Captcha and click on "Click here to continue". Next wait 15 second on that page and click on "Get Link" for download the AIA File.

   If any doubt on this project and want to modify please contact us. This tutorial video also available in youtube. Online Tech Support channel.

   You can get All type online application development tips, New update, AIA File, Viral Scripts and etc. in our blog. So subscribe us.

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