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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Admob ads request approval in Kodular.

Admob ads request approval in Kodular

    There are some developer facing the issue in Kodular how to request approval for showing ads in own application when they are building. This approval system is available in only Kodular platform, where is we can make a professional design application without coding knowledge. Basically in this topic we are learn about How to request approval for admob ads showing. It is very easy trick just follow me.

Open the Ads panel in Kodular

     Go to website and login with your gmail. After logged in click on "Creator" next "Ads Panel". Your all projects are showing after clicking ads panel.

Admob Approval in Kodular
Click on "Request Approval" in right side of Application
  Then click on "Request Approval" in application's right side, which is want to request for approval. Next a popup page will be opened.
   In first question select "No", if you will click "YES" you can not able to continue. So select the NO and in the next question you will choose the category of your application. Tips : It is a first reason of 'Cancel Request'. If you select any one category, you wouldn't able to get Ads approval because Admob and Play store are not allow Earning apps, Violent apps and NSFW apps.  
So, skip this option and click on "Next".

Select "NO" and skip all category  and click on "Next" to continue

Then fill the description of the application. Such as :
  •      Describe about your application? In which topic ?
  •      Why you want to show ads in your application?
  •      Why Application is not published in Play Store ?  
         If you don't know how to fill the Description, then you can COPY our text. Text is mention in below of the Page.  After fill the description click on "Next". Finally Click on "Submit" for Ads request approval. You can read the conditions before click the Submit button. You will get approval between 10-12 hours after apply for request.

Admob ad request approval in kodular
After fill all details read the conditions and finally click on Submit.

If you have not idea how to fill the description of your application, you can simply copy/follow our text. But modify topic of your application in the provided text.

Text is Here :-


      This application contains Love quotes and Romantic quotes in Odia, Hindi, English language.  There are so many different quotes available. The firebase component used in this application for online quotes showing in user's mobile. It is a entertainment application which is work in
online mode.


   Basically i want to show ads in my application for i want to know my ads are work properly or not.


   I am building my application right now. After the application is complete, I will publish it in the Google Play Store.

 Thank you for visit our page. I hope your problem will be shutout after read our content. Please subscribe us for more details.

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